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Volume 26, Numbers 1-2
Oceania in Theory


Maebh Long
”Introduction: Oceania in Theory”

Sudesh Mishra
”Acts of Rememory in Oceania”

Caroline Sinavaiana Gabbard
”Samoan Literature and the Wheel of Time: Cartographies of the Vā”

Maebh Long
”Vanua in the Anthropocene: Relationality and Sea Level Rise in Fiji”

David O’Donnell
”’Where Will This River Flow?’: Modernity, Indigeneity and Eco-crisis in the Theatre of Miria George

Paul Lyons
”John Dominis Holt’s Kanaka Maoli Modernism”

Matthew Hayward
”Movies and Pacific Modernities in Wendt and Subramani”

Lea Lani Kinikini Kauvaka
”Oceanian Pain in the Nuclear Epoch, Or: How I Learned to Love Epeli Hau‘ ofas Kisses in the Nederends”

Corey Wakeling
”’Faecebook’: Ironies of Pastoral Narcissism”


Volume 25, Numbers 1-2


Jesper Gulddal and Charlton Payne
”Passports: On the Politics and Cultural Impact of Modern Movement Control”

Étienne Balibar
”Reinventing the Stranger: Walls All Over the World, and How to Tear Them Down”

Jesper Gulddal
”Porous Borders: The Passport as an Access Metaphor in Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey

Joshua L. Miller
”In The Dream Of Their Dreams”: Metaamericanism In H.T. Tsiang’s And China Has Hands

Søren Frank
”The Novel and the Borders of Europe: Ben Jelloun’s Leaving Tangier and Oksanen’s Purge”

Paula C. Park
”Chile’s Limited Passport Into The Global Literary Market”

Andres Amerikaner
”Xerox Men: Technological Tropes In U.S. Latino/A Displacement Literature”

Charlton Payne and Wolfgang Struck
”Somewhere Else: Legal Fictions, Capitalism, and Deterritoriality in B. Traven’s The Death Ship

Nissa Ren Cannon
”’A Unique Plan of Getting Deported’: Claude Mckay’s Banjo and the Marked Passports”

Leti Volpp
”Passports in the Time of Trump”

Joseph Vogl
”Asylum of the Political: Towards a Topology of Political Occasions”


Volume 24, Numbers 1-2


Materialisms I

Christopher Breu
”Why Materialisms Matter”

Levi R. Bryant
”Knots: Notes for a Daemonic Naturalism”

Ashley Byock
”Dark Matters: Race and the Antebellum Logic of Decorporation”

Christopher Breu
”A Identity vs. Embodiment: A Materialist Rethinking of Intersex and Queerness”

Nicholas Chare
”Material Witness: Conservation Ethics and the Scrolls of Auschwitz”

Matthew Schilleman
”The Bureaucrat Inside: Kafka, Office Media, and the End of Authorship”

Marah Nagelhout
”Nature and the ’Industry that Scorched it’: Adorno and Anthropocene Aesthetics”

Rebekah Sheldon
”Dark Correlationism: Mysticism, Magic, and the New Realisms”

Materialisms II

Marta Figlerowicz, Padma D. Maitland, and Christopher Patrick Miller
”Object Emotions”

Julie Beth Napolin
”The Fact of Resonance: An Acoustics of Determination in Faulkner and Benjamin”

Lawrence Zi-Qiao Yang
”Tiling Over the Modern Pathos: Memory, Crisis, and the Emergence of a Taiwanese Surface”

Simon Porzak
”Pop Music and Schizophrenia: Kylie Minogue’s Telepathic Affect-Objects”

Walt Hunter
”Planetary Dejection: An Ode to the Commons”

Charles Altieri
”Are We Being Materialist Yet?”


Volume 23, Numbers 1-2


Nathan Snaza and Mina Karavanta
”Human Remains”

William V. Spanos
”Posthumanism in the Age of Globalization: Rethinking The End of Education

Katie Chenoweth
”The Beast, the Sovereign, and the Letter: Vernacular Posthumanism”

Reingard Nethersole
”Twilight of the Humanities: Rethinking (Post)Humanism with J.M. Coetzee”

Iván Castañeda
”No Aporias Allowed: Posthumanism and the Humanities”

Nathan Snaza
”Departments of Language”

David Cecchetto
”Four Experiments in Broadband Auralneirics”

Yulia Pushkarevskaya Naughton and
Gerald David Naughton
”Animal Moments in Vladimir Nabokov’s Pnin and Saul Bellow’s Herzog

Julietta Singh
”Post-humanitarian Fictions”

Mina Karavanta
”Human Together: Into the Interior of Auto/OntoPoeisis”

R. Radhakrishnan
”Flight of the Human as Flights from the Human”


Volume 22, Numbers 1-2


Henry A. Giroux
”Austerity and the Poison of Neoliberal Miseducation”

Christopher Breu
”Against Austerity”

Kenneth J. Saltman
”The Austerity School”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”A Dog’s Life”

Robert Appelbaum
”The Cultural Logic of Austerity”

Marcia Klotz
”The Debt Economy and the Politics of Profanation”

J. Paul Narkunas
”Austere Subjectivity and Tea Parties”

Michelle Ty
”Austerity and the Speculative Logic of Derivatives”

Aaron Mauro
”Ordinary Happiness”

Vincent Bruyere
”Of a Survivalist Tone Adopted in Literary Studies”


Volume 21, Numbers 1-2
Critical Climate


Adeline Johns-Putra
”A New Critical Climate”

Timothy Clark
”The Deconstructive Turn”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”Can Theory Save The Planet?”

Timothy Morton
”Poisoned Ground”

Claire Colebrook
”Framing The End Of The Species”

Thomas H. Ford
”Aura In The Anthropocene”

Matthew Griffiths
”Climate Change And The Individual Talent”

Deborah Lilley
”Theories Of Certain Uncertainty”

Maggie Kainulainen
”Saying Climate Change”

Adeline Johns-Putra
”Environmental Care Ethics”

Gregers Andersen
”Greening The Sphere”

Gert Goeminne
”Does The Climate Need Consensus?”

Matt Spencer
”Doing Science Justice”

Brian Lennon
”New Stationary States”

Karen Pinkus
”Thinking Diverse Futures From A Carbon Present”

John Miller
”Biodiversity And The Abyssal Limits Of The Human”

Adam Trexler
”Integrating Agency With Climate Critique”


Volume 20, Numbers 1-2


Peter Hitchcock
”Revolutionary Violence”

Leerom Medovoi
”Swords and Regulation”

Rick Elmore
”Revisiting Violence and Life”

Zahi Zalloua
”Betting on Ressentiment

William O. Saas
”Charismatic Violence”

William V. Spanos
”Arab Spring, 2011”

Jeremy Engels
”The Rhetoric of Violence”

John Riofrio
”Spectacles of Incarceration”

Tim Matts and Aidan Tynan
”Geotrauma and the Eco-clinic”

Megan Foley
Peitho and Bia

Dustin E. Howes
”Creating Necessity”

Gerald David Naughton and Yulia Pushkarevskaya Naughton
”The Awkward Aesthetics of Violence”

Mihaela P. Harper
”Turning to Debris”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo and Sophia A. McClennen
”Postscript on Violence”


Volume 19, Numbers 1-2


Zahi Zalloua
”Theorizing Hunger”

Christian Moraru
”To Eat Is a Compromise”

Peter Atterton
”Nourishing the Hunger of the Other”

Rebecca Gould
”Modernity, Madness, Disenchantment”

Alys Moody
”Tasteless Beckett”

Matthew Mullins
”Hunger, Apocalypse, and Modernity”

Sophia A. McClennen
”Hunger in Brazilian Cinema”

Nicole Simek
”Hunger Ironies in the French Antilles”

Leslie Heywood
”Hunger, Emotions, and Sport”

Ranjan Ghosh
”Aesthetics of Hunger”

Lynn Z. Bloom
”Feeding Hunger”


Volume 18, Numbers 1-2


Alphonso Lingis
”Strange Emotions in Contemporary Theory”

Magdalena Ostas
”Kant with Michael Fried: Feeling, Absorption, and Interiority in the Critique of Judgment

Patrick Lee Miller
”Psychoanalysis as Spirituality”

Sjoerd van Tuinen
”A Thymotic Left? Peter Sloterdijk and the Psychopolitics of Ressentiment”

Patrick Colm Hogan
”A Passion for Plot: Prolegomena to Affective Narratology”

Peter Williams
”Living ‘As and Where We Are’: Feeling and the Emotions as Situated Poetics”

David Schalkwyk
”Is Love an Emotion? Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Antony and Cleopatra

John C. Freeman
”Interrogating the Soliloquist: Does It Really Go without Saying?”

Frances L. Restuccia
”The Virtue of Blushing: Assimilating Anxiety into Shame in Haneke’s Caché

Sandhya Shukla
”Loving the Other in 1970s Harlem: Race, Space, and Place in Aaron Loves Angela

Eric Dean Rasmussen
”E. L. Doctorow’s Vicious Eroticism: Dangerous Affect in The Book of Daniel

Jeffrey J. Williams
”Uneasy Work”

Terry Caesar
”Diary of a Retirement”

Lynn Z. Bloom
”Critical Emoticons”


Volume 17, Numbers 1-2
Gaming and Theory


Andrew Baerg
”Governmentality, Neoliberalism, and the Digital Game”

Tauel Harper
”The Smooth Spaces of Play: Deleuze and the Emancipative Potential of Games”

Seb Franklin
” ‘We Need Radical Gameplay, Not Just Radical Graphics’: Towards a Contemporary Minor Practice in Computer Gaming”

Edmund Zagorin
”Constructing the Ethical Limits of Play in Policy Debates”

Melissa Milton-Smith
”Installing the Game: Gameplay in the Installation T_Visionarium

Gail Shivel
”World of Warcraft: The Murloc is the Message”

Ian Cook
”Theorising Schmitt’s Friend-Enemy through Deleuzian Folding and First-Person Shooters”

Sarah Cameron Loyd Grey
”Dead Time: Aporias and Critical Videogaming”

Sandy Baldwin
”Logging In and Getting Off: Login, Labor, Literature, and the Subject of the Net”


Volume 16, Numbers 1-2


Sharon O’Dair
”Laboring in Anonymity”

Amardeep Singh
”Anonymity, Authorship, and Blogger Ethics”

Terry Caesar
” ‘Larry David is Anonymous’: Anonymity in the System”

Lynn Z. Bloom
”The Seven Faces of Anonymity in Academe”

Robyn Warhol-Down
”Academics Anonymous: A Meditation on Anonymity, Power, and Powerlessness”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”Anonymity, Dialogue, and the Academy”

Nicholas de Villiers
”Confessions of a Masked Philosopher: Anonymity and Identification in Foucault and Guibert”

Simon Morgan Wortham
”Anonymity Writing Pedagogy: Beckett, Descartes, Derrida”

Sean Gaston
”(Not) Meeting without Name”


Volume 15, Numbers 1-2
Cinema without Borders


R. L. Rutsky
”Walter Benjamin and the Dispersion of Cinema”

J. Hillis Miller
”Boundaries in Beloved

Pasi Väliaho
”The White Screen circa 1900—On the Moving Image as Potentiality of Thought”

R. Barton Palmer
”The Divided Self and the Dark City: Film Noir and Liminality”

Camilla Fojas
”Bordersploitation: Hollywood Border Crossers and Buddy Cops”

Tom Conley
”Border Incidence”

Paul McEwan
”Satire as Magnifying Glass: Crossing the US Border in Bruce McDonald’s Highway 61

Darlene J. Sadlier
”Leaving Home in Three Films by Walter Salles”

Claudia Barbosa Nogueira
”Roads to Nowhere: Borders and Belonging in Le Salaire de la

Mark A. Wolfgram
”Gendered Border Crossings: The Films of Division in Divided Germany”

Todd McGowan
”Affirmation of the Lost Object: Peppermint Candy and the End of Progress”

Horace L. Fairlamb
”Romancing the Tao: How Ang Lee Globalized Ancient Chinese Wisdom”

Darren Jorgensen
”Death Star, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Globalization”


Volume 14, Numbers 1-2


Frank L. Cioffi
”Egghead Blues: The Life of the Mind in the Land of Things”

David R. Shumway
”Marxism without Revolution: Towards a History of Discouragement”

Gerhard Richter
”Can Hope Be Disappointed? Contextualizing a Blochian Question”

Gregg Lambert
Sapere Aude?”

Jeffrey T. Nealon
”Post-deconstructive? Negri, Derrida, and the Present State of Theory”

Anne K . Swartz
”American Art after September 11: A Consideration of the Twin Towers”

Henry A. Giroux
”The Emerging Authoritarianism in the United States: Political Culture under the Bush/Cheney Administration”

Ian Buchanan
”Treatise on Militarism”

William H. Castro
”Excavating the Future of Institutionality: An Open Letter to the University”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”Public Intellectuals, Inc.”

Gregory Flaxman
”The Future of Utopia”

Horace L. Fairlamb
”Romancing the Tao: How Ang Lee Globalized Ancient Chinese Wisdom”

Darren Jorgensen
”Death Star, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Globalization”


Volume 13, Numbers 1-2


Terry Caesar
”The Specter of Collegiality”

Stephen Watt
”Collegial Propositions”

Joseph R. Urgo
”Collegiality and Academic Community”

Nancy R. Cirillo
”Collegialtiy: First among Whom? Community of What?”

David B. Downing
”Academic Freedom as Intellectual Property: When Collegiality Confronts the Standardization Movement”

James Sosnoski
”Collegiality and the Yada-Yada Trope”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”Uncollegiality, Tenure and the Weasel Clause”

Judith Kegan-Gardiner
”On Collegiality, Collectivity and Gender”

Laurie A. Finke
”Performing Collegiality, Troubling Gender”

Ian Barnard
”Civility and Liberal Pluralism”

Anu Aneja
”Of Masks and Masquerades: Performing the Collegial Dance”

Aneil Rallin
”Taming Queers”

Richard van Oort
”Crisis and Collegiality”

Jane Danielewicz and John McGowan
”Collaborative Work: A Practical Guide”

Marc Bousquet
”The Faculty Organize, But Management Enjoys Solidarity”

Lynn Z. Bloom
”Collegiality, the Game”


Volume 12, Numbers 1-2
Fiction’s Present


R. M. Berry and Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”12 Theses on Fiction’s Present”

Samuel R. Delany
”Fiction’s Present: Brief Notes”

Timothy S. Murphy
”To Have Done with Postmodernism: A Plea (or Provocation) for Globalization Studies”

Leslie Scalapino
”Fiction’s Present without Basis”

Robert L. McLaughlin
”Post-Postmodern Discontent: Contemporary Fiction and the Social World”

Lidia Yuknavitch
”Toward the Edge of the Hermetic: Notes on Raising Fiction from the Dead”

Alan Singer
”The Self-Deceiving Muse: Fiction and the Rationalistic Dictates of the Present”

Brian Evenson
”Notes on Fiction and Philosophy”

Robert L. Caserio
”James, Cather, Vollmann, and the Distinction of Historical Fiction”

Lance Olsen
”Notes Toward the Musicality of Creative Disjunction, Or: Fiction by Collage”

Michael Marton
”Mount Ruchmore: Four Brief Essays on Fictions”

Sue-Im Lee
”Recognition as a Depleted Source in Lynne Tillman’s Motion Sickness

Percival Everett
”A Modality”

Raymond Federman
”Critifictional Refelctions on the Pathetic Condition of the Novel in Our Time”

Ronald Sukenick
”Henry Miller to Henry James”

Jerome Klinkowitz
”In Their Own Words: The Collective Presents Itself”

Carole Maso
”World Book”


Volume 11, Numbers 1-2
Theory Trouble


Paul Allen Miller
”The Trouble with Theory: A Comparatist Manifesto”

Neil Levi and Michael Rothberg
”Auschwitz and the Remains of Theory: Toward an Ethics of the Borderland”

Jean-Michel Rabaté
and Gregg Lambert
”Conversation on The Future of Theory

Horst Ruthrof
”Theorizing: An Incomplete Project”

John Frow
”The Uses of Terror and the Limits of Cultural Studies”

Georges Van Den Abbeele
”Theory and the ‘Chunnel’: Cultural Studies and the Retreat of Ideology”

Wojciech Kalaga
”The Trouble with the Virtual”

Ned Rossiter
”Processual Media Theory”

Claire Colebrook
”Happiness, Theoria, and Everyday Life”

Mark Gibson
”The Geography of Theory: Channel Crossing, Continental Invasions, and the Anglo-American ‘Natives’”

Peter McCarthy
” ‘Marginalist’ Criticism: An Infantile Disorder?”


Volume 10, Numbers 1-2
The Sites of Pedagogy


Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Walter Jacobs, and Amy Lee
”The Sites of Pedagogy”

Elizabeth Ellsworth
”The U.S. Holocaust Museum as a Scene of Pedagogical Address”

Chris W. Gallagher, Peter M. Gray, and Shari Stenberg
”Teacher Narratives as Interruptive: Toward Critical Colleagueship”

Andrew Hoberek
”Professionalism: What Graduate Students Need”

Dwight E. Brooks
”Pedagogy of the Dispossessed: Race, Gender and Critical Media Literacy in the ‘Malltiplex’”

Rochelle Harris
”Thirteen Perspectives on Critical Pedagogy: A Collage”

Karen Stanworth
”In Sight of Visual Culture”

Heidi Barajas, Patrick Bruch, Greg Choy, Carl Chung, Leon Hsu, Walt Jacobs, Amy Lee, Karen Miksch, Mark Pedelty, and Tom Reynolds
”Interdisciplining Pedagogy: A Roundtable”

Michael W. Apple
”Interrupting the Right: On Doing Critical Educational Work in Conservative Times”


Volume 9, Numbers 1-2
Globalism and Theory


Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”Whose Theory, Which Globalism? Notes on the Double Question of Theorizing Globalism and Globalizing Theory”

Vilashini Cooppan
”World Literature and Global Theory: Comparative Literature for the New Millennium”

Frederick Buell
”Globalization without Enviromental Crisis: The Divorce of Two Discourses in U.S. Culture”

Christian Moraru
”The Global Turn in Critical Theory”

Thomas Lavazzi
”The Global Subject in an Electronic Age: Re(x)locating the Critical Self”

Ian Buchanan
”Globalizing Deleuze and Guattari”

Sourayan Mookerjea
”Montage in Spatial Ethnography: Crystalline Narration and Cultural Studies of Globalization”

Josh Parker
”Global Advertising’s Failure in Bulgaria”

Molly Wallace
”Tropics of Globalization: Reading the New North America”


Volume 8, Numbers 1-2


David Damrosch
”World Literature Today: From the Old World to the Whole World”

Lynn Z. Bloom
”Once More to the Essay: The Essay Canon and Textbook Anthologies”

Karen L. Kilcup
”Anthologizing Matters: The Poetry and Prose of Recovery Work”

Richard S. Pressman
”Is There a Future for the Heath Anthology in the Neo-Liberal State?”

Terry Caesar
”Retreating to English: Anthologies, Literature and Theory in Japan”

Robert L. McLaughlin
”Anthologizing Contemporary Literature: Aesthetic, Cultural, Pedagogical, and Practical Considerations”

Cris Mazza
”Editing Postfeminist Fiction: Finding the Chic in Lit”

Gerald Graff and Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”Anthologies, Literary Theory and the Teaching of Literature: An Exchange”

David B. Downing
”The ‘Mop-up’ Work of Theory Anthologies: Theorizing the Discipline and the Disciplining of Theory”

Simon Wortham
”Anthologizing Derrida”

Alan D. Schrift
”Confessions of an Anthology Editor

Vincent B. Leitch
”On Anthology Headnotes”


Volume 7, Numbers 1-2

Joseph R. Urgo
”The Affiliation Blues”

Marjorie Perloff
”Poetry and Affiliation”

Terry Caesar
”Affiliation, Specialization and Mourning”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”On Being and Becoming Affiliated

James Sosnoski and
Eve Wiederhold
”Querelous Inquiries

David R. Shumway
”Disciplinary Identities”

Cary Nelson
”Affiliation and Change”

Jamie Owen Daniel
” ‘You’re (Still) a Marxist, Aren’t You?’”

Robert Con Davis-Undiano
”Poe’s Affiliation with Freemasonry”

Caryl Emerson
”Berlin, Bakhtin and Relativistic Affiliations”

William Slaymaker
”The Disaffections of Postcolonial Affiliations”

Susanna Ashton
”Authorial Affiliations”


Volume 6, Numbers 1-2
”Practicing Deleuze and Guattari”

Daniel W. Conway
”Tumbling Dice”

Ricard Doyle
”Corporeal Time Images”

Elisabeth Grosz
”Thinking the New”

Alphonso Lingis

Allan Stoekl
”Lanzmann and Deleuze”

Jeffrey T. Nealon
”Refraining, Becoming-Black”

Steven Shaviro
”Beauty Lies in the Eye”

Theodore M. Norton
”For a Nomadology of Forth”

Charles E. Scott
”Practices of Repetition”

Jeff Karnicky
”Keanu Rhizome”

Megan Sweeney
”True Crime Texts”

Carsten Henrik Meiner
”Deleuze and Style”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”Deleuze in the Age of Posttheory”


Volume 5, Numbers 1-2
”Refiguring Europe”

Astradur Eysteinsson
”Icelandic Resettlements”

Helena Kaufman
”Is the Minor Essential?”

Urszula Tempska
”Double Marginality or/as Double Indemnity?”

Francis J. Greene
”Environments of Change”

Walter Jacobs
”The Tide of Second-Wave Whiteness”

Christian Moraru
”International Postmodernism”

Alina Clej
”The Debt of the Translator”

Marcel Cornis-Pope
”Rethinking Postmodern Liminality”

James O’Rourke
”The Fatality of Readings”

Henry Sussman
”Continuous Script”

Peter Williams
”Between Wilderness and Civilization”

Piotr Parlej
”On Postmodern Subjectivity”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo and Christian Moraru
”Escaping Monstrosity”

Ronald Bogue
”Minor Writing and Minor Literature”

Anna Klobucka
”Theorizing the European Periphery”

Stephane Spoiden
”The Treachery of Art”


Volume 4, Numbers 1-2
”Rhetoric and the Human Sciences”

Peter Baker
”Deconstruction and Violence”

Maria Damon
”On Jean Genet”

Sharon Meagher
”Barthes as Woman”

Lawrence Hass
”Discipline and the Subject”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo
”Rhetoric and the Human Sciences”

Peter Caws
”Sophistry and Postmodernity”

Richard Nash
”Gorilla Rhetoric”

John Mowitt
”Queer Resistance”

Michael Bernard-Donals
”Liberatory Pedagogy”

Roberta Kevelson
”Peirce’s Rhetorical Turn”

Richard Lanigan
”Foucault’s Science of Rhetoric”

Joseph Carroll
”Biology and Poststructuralism”

Piotr Parlej
”On Postmodern Subjectivity”

Véronique M. Fôti
”Merleau-Ponty on Painting”


Volume 3, Number 2
Summer 1995
”The Histories of Michel Foucault”

Rajesh Sampath

”The Historicity of Archeaology”

Heather McCoy
”Foucault and the Use of Biography”

Ewa Plonowska Ziarek
”Foucault’s Ethics”

Ladelle McWhorter
”Natural Bodies, Unnatural Pleasures”

Alison Leigh Brown
”Foucault’s Play”

Susan Johnston
”After the Deluge”

Joseph Lewandowski
”Power and Subjectivity
After Foucault”

Mike Hill
”Enlightenment, Genealogy, Change”

  Volume 3, Number 1
Winter 1995
”The Next Generation”

John H. Smith

”Queering the Will”

Albert Cook
”New Thresholds, New Anatomies”
Peter C. Herman
” ‘60s Theory and ‘90s Critics”

Jeffrey Williams
”The Posttheory Generation”

David Galef
”Answers to a Rhetorical Question”

Susan Johnston
”After the Deluge”

James Paxton
”Locating Theory’s Next Generation”

Jeffrey R. Di Leo
Christian Moraru

”Posttheory Postscriptum”


Volume 2, Number 2
Summer 1994
”Philosophy and Literature”

Sharon O’Dair

”Still No Respect: Capitalism and the Cultural Choices of the Working Class”

Walter Jacobs
”Off the Margin: The Interpositional Stranger”

Mary Cappello
”Useful Knowledge Reconsidered”

William Franke
”Dante and the Poetics of Religious Revelation”

Sandra Corse
”Henry James and Theodor Adorno on the Aesthetic Whole”

Christian Moraru
”Sublime Ethics: Reading and Unreadability in the Postmodern Discourse of the Sublime”

Candace Lang
”Robbe-Grillet’s Last Supper”

Ilona Jappinen
”How Many is ‘der Übermensch’?”

  Volume 2, Number 1
Winter 1994
”Wittgenstein and Art”

Allen S. Weiss
”The Erosion of Thought, Or Radio Art Le Mômo”

Frank M. Farmer
” ‘Not Theory...But a Sense of Theory’: The Superaddressee and the Contexts of Eden”

James Guetti
”Wittgenstein, Conrad and the Darkness”

David Schalkwyk
”Language, Reference, and the Objects of Fiction: A Wittgensteinian Critique”

David Olson Pook
”Working on Oneself: Wittgenstein’s Architecture, Ethics and Aesthetics”

  Volume 1, Number 2
Summer 1993
”Presentations of the Subject”

Linda Myrsiades
”Constituting Resistance:
Narrative Construction and the Social Theory of Resistance”

Chris Kearns
”Rereading Borges Rereading: A Question of Marginality”

David Palumbo-Liu
”On the Functions of Asian America in the Recent American Imaginary”

Philip Holden-Moses
”This is Not America”

Anjali Arondekar
”Reading (Other)Wise: Transgressing the Rhetoric of Colonization”

Kenneth B. Klucznick
”It Translated Well: de Man, Lacan, Kingston and Self at the Borderline of Other”

  Volume 1, Number 1
Winter 1993

Matei Calinescu
”Modernity,Modernism, Modernization: Variations on Modern Themes”

Andrew Stein
”The Use and Abuse of History: Habermas’ MisReading of Bataille”

Phillip Johansen
”Constructed Identity”

Lahcen Haddad
”Cultural Studies and the Questions of Reading and Spectatorship”

Warren Lewis
”Patron Saints of Reader-Response Criticism”

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