Vol. 25, No. 1

Welcome are papers that explore the implications of the passport as a crucial, yet imperfect instrument of state power. How do passports restrict or enable mobility, and what social logics determine the distribution and granting of access in a globalised world? What dysfunctionalities arise from their implementation and their technologies of identification and authentification? What are the options for creative subversion? What is the relationship between the passport’s affiliation with the nation-state and emerging conceptions of transnationality and cosmopolitanism? In what ways do literature and the visual arts critically engage with the passport as an arbitrator of power, rights and identity? What are the social, political, economic, and intellectual dimensions of passports in the contemporary world? What are the philosophical and critical dimensions of the passport?

Deadline for submissions: Closed.

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Vol. 25, No. 2

Oceania In Theory
This special issue explores contemporary Oceania, moving between Western and Pacific ontologies and epistemologies. From the political to the literary, how can we theorize Oceanian modernity, ensuring that we reflect and engage without imposing Western models or privileging Western experiences? What is at stake in the myriad names, often imposed by colonial power structures, that mark the region? How do we formalize the modernity of independence movements, which were often bound by distinctly antimodern rhetoric? If we take modernism to denote a creative response to and exploration of the material conditions of modernity, then is Oceanic literature and creative arts a modernism? How can the archipelagic modernity of Oceania reconfigure our understandings of the modern, modernity and modernism in the rest of the world? And how, particularly in this time of anthropogenic climate change, can modern Pasifika traditions serve as a guide for modernity at large?

Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2017.

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