symplokē is a comparative literature and theory journal. The editors' aim is to provide an arena for critical exchange between established and emerging voices in the field.

We support new and developing notions of comparative literature and theory, and are committed to interdisciplinary studies, intellectual pluralism, and open discussion. We are particularly interested in scholarship on the interrelations among philosophy, literature, culture criticism and intellectual history, though we will consider articles on any aspect of the intermingling of discourses and disciplines.

The journal takes its name from the Greek word symplokē which has among its various meanings interweaving, interlacing, connection and struggle. The journal's editors believe that continuing change in the humanities is contingent upon the interweaving, connection, and struggle between traditionally independent domains of discourse. One of our broader goals is to contribute to the opening of alternative academic frontiers by providing a forum for scholars of varying disciplines to engage in the intermingling of ideas in innovative ways.

The division of intellectual authority and the drawing of academic boundaries have revealed their limitations, and it is our contention that now is the time to seek what lies beyond the limits of disciplinarity. We see this journal as involved in not only the exploration and extension of interdisiplinary studies in the humanities, but also in the promotion of a trans- or extra- disciplinary perspective.